Black hole


Depression is like a black hole.

Gravity so powerful it won’t let light escape.

A heavy weight on my soul.

Despite this gravity I still use all my might to stand.  


I’ve seen so many fall along the way.

Unseen victims of bullies and apathy

All that is left is for them is to pray,

Pray that someone will show them empathy.

A long path.

I lived like the uphills were mountains and the downhills were cliffs. Always walking slowly forward, while everyone I know drove past me. Every step back felt like a fall into the abyss. Despite my slow movement forward I was always followed by Darkness. Just a small step off the path and I could of ended my Journey grimly. It would of been so easy, every breeze seemed to knock me down. I juggled depression and loneliness trying to guess what one would crush me first.

I can still feel this way at times. I still often feel lonely, and I still sometimes feel like am still moving slowly on that path while others drive by me. Yet I still move forward even if a tiny bit at a time.


Perspective is the key to mutual understanding. However it is something completely incapable in humans. As much as we try to understand each other, we will always see things differently. Two people looking at the same work of art will never see it exactly the same. Such is the same with lives. Sometimes the differences stack on top of each other causing conflict. Never assume you know what someones going through. Never assume you know how to fix someones problems. What you see, and what they see can be vastly different.

Does that mean we should not try? No I don’t think it does. We may never truly understand but trying is fundamental to creating connections between people. By trying to see the world from the eyes of another you may discover brand new worlds to explore.