Despite this cruel world…

Despite this cruel world, or perhaps because it is cruel, new stories are created everyday. Even though I fear people, am forever fascinated by them. There is a mystery to every person, a puzzle to be solved to explain every action. Thousands of Aesop’s Fables in every life. Love, hate, sadness, am addicted to each emotion always trying to feel more. Each story a fascinating look into the mind of another, each mind its own universe that will never fully be understood.

I saw a couple riding the bus with a very old and sickly looking dog. Their tired eyes begged for sleep. The dog sat on a blanket in the middle of the aisle. Dirty clothes and tired eyes told a tale that I could not even begin to express. Despite the fact that I did not have the courage to say a word to them the scene was implanted into my mind. Each passenger gave them their space as they tried to get a little sleep with heads against the window. I gave the dog a pat on the head before I left them.



To others

Its a funny world we live in, where people feel lost, smothered, alone. To the people who feel that way Ive heard the same thoughts ring in my head before, keeping me up an night, those long restless nights that never end. You know the saying, “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” well its true, you grow up a hell of alot stronger then the people who cant understand you, even if you cant see that now.

I still blame my self at times, It can hurt alot more when you get to that point, that you have so little self confidence that even your hell is of your making. But in the end its useless, its useless to blame anything or anyone, there will always be a hundred reasons for why you are the way you are. Just keep fighting the good fight we all fight it with you