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I saw this picture on Reddit and noticed many people thought it was creepy but I only see sadness. Empty eyes hiding behind a smiling face

Days of Birth

An old story that I have told many times now. I stay up late, it is my birthday, and am lost in my head. I’ve said this before, but I think it is important to say, again and again, I did not expect to live this long. I am almost thirty, I truely believed without […]

Dream of a Motionless Sea

I had a dream that I felt I must write down. I was on a small boat with my brother and sister beside me on a completely calm and blue ocean. It was dark and there were no moon or stars in the sky. We pulled the boat up to a tiny rock island. On […]


Christmas has finally ended. It is a strange time indeed. This song sums up my feelings a bit.

No Longer Human

“I have always shook with fright before human beings. Unable as I was to feel the least particle of confidence in my ability to speak and act like a human being, I kept my solitary agonies locked in my breast. I kept my melancholy and my agitation hidden, careful lest any trace should be left […]

You can’t build a boundary fence on others property.

Originally posted on counselorssoapbox:
By David Joel Miller Sometimes drawing boundaries goes very wrong. Poor BoundaryPhoto courtesy of Having good boundaries is important for good mental health. Families that do not set boundaries develop long-term problems. Parents need to be parents and children need to be allowed to act like kids. People have the…

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