Black hole


Depression is like a black hole.

Gravity so powerful it won’t let light escape.

A heavy weight on my soul.

Despite this gravity I still use all my might to stand.  


I’ve seen so many fall along the way.

Unseen victims of bullies and apathy

All that is left is for them is to pray,

Pray that someone will show them empathy.

It hides behind the eyes

the face only a disguise

a pain that can’t be seen

melancholy with no vaccine

I was 10 years old

the first time I was asked

   If you could change anything about your body

   What would it be?

Not understanding the question

I replied

   I’d have tentacles for arms

   So I could climb buildings

   and give inescapable hugs

-Shane Koyczan


In the day am asleep

In the night I cry

In the day a mindless sheep

At night I ask why


I feel like I have no choice

That my life is not mine

Always looking to free my voice

But it comes out like a whine

War in your head

War Brain by Kazanevski


The Human mind is a battlefield.

Each thought and emotion a battalion

Trying to force each other to yield

Yet they won’t earn even a medallion


Each fight scars our mind

Each draw a indecision

You feel confined

Your motives divisioned


How can you succeed

While your mind a disarray

You must proceed

and not fall astray

because the thought you heed

Is the thought you feed


I carry my past

As i plow ahead

All that I amassed

All that I Dread


Not to say this weighs me down

Not to say it makes me weak

In the past i would drown

I was always so meek


Now it is a part of me

It makes me strong

Without it i would not be

It is a part of my song


To my Mother


Every day you would try and wake me
And every day i try to sleep
Perhaps a sign of what was to be
Of all the times i would weep

Your devotion never ended
You never gave up on me
My heartach you always tended
You never tried to flee

Did i remember to thank you?
For all the times you where there?
Alway on cue
because you cared

It was never easy for us
Always some kind of fuss
but you loved me completely
So i care for you deeply