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Category / Poetry

Black hole

Depression is like a black hole. Gravity so powerful it won’t let light escape. A heavy weight on my soul. Despite this gravity I still use all my might to stand.     I’ve seen so many fall along the way. Unseen victims of bullies and apathy All that is left is for them is […]

It hides behind the eyes the face only a disguise a pain that can’t be seen melancholy with no vaccine

I was 10 years old the first time I was asked    If you could change anything about your body    What would it be? Not understanding the question I replied    I’d have tentacles for arms    So I could climb buildings    and give inescapable hugs -Shane Koyczan


In the day am asleep In the night I cry In the day a mindless sheep At night I ask why   I feel like I have no choice That my life is not mine Always looking to free my voice But it comes out like a whine

War in your head

  The Human mind is a battlefield. Each thought and emotion a battalion Trying to force each other to yield Yet they won’t earn even a medallion   Each fight scars our mind Each draw a indecision You feel confined Your motives divisioned   How can you succeed While your mind a disarray You must […]

  I carry my past As i plow ahead All that I amassed All that I Dread   Not to say this weighs me down Not to say it makes me weak In the past i would drown I was always so meek   Now it is a part of me It makes me strong […]

To my Mother

  Every day you would try and wake me And every day i try to sleep Perhaps a sign of what was to be Of all the times i would weep Your devotion never ended You never gave up on me My heartach you always tended You never tried to flee Did i remember to […]


  I often practice self-pity There is nothing I can say about it that is witty. It’s just how I learned All the times I’ve been spurned Perhaps it was for the attention Or a reaction to all the tension   Self-pity is always feeding It can hurt more than bleeding A gross eater Tears […]

Am alive

  Am living because I want to be alive I can’t be a reluctant survivor A decent life I must strive Or I become like a car with no driver   Am alive because I want to live So myself I must forgive


I feel them staring I can hear there laughter Their minds uncaring My paranoia builds hereafter   Anxiety fills my mind Are they talking about me? I feel confined Can’t they leave me be?   Do they look my way? Or is it just anxiety I must hold my fears at bay Just to function […]

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