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Category / Mental Health History

Mental Health History: Lobotomy (Disturbing content warning.)

Lobotomy is often considered one of the most cruel medical practices in human history. It grow popular in the early 20th century, by 1951, almost 20,000 lobotomies had been performed in the United States.  What is a Lobotomy and why is it so cruel? Allow me to quote Wikipedia. “Lobotomy (Greek: λοβός lobos “lobe (of brain)”; […]

Mental Health History: Wondering Womb

Mental Health has come a long way since ages past. As we strive to understand the complex mind we sometimes find even more questions. Our ancestors came up with many theory’s to try and understand what was happening. Demons and spirits were often blamed. We laugh at such notions but the scary truth is that […]

People you should Know: Dorothea Dix

Dorothea Lynde Dix (April 4, 1802 – July 17, 1887) A teacher and activist for the better treatment of the mentally ill, many that had no one left to care for them. She is credited with the creation of the first generation of mental asylums in the US. In march of 1841 at 39 years old she volunteered to […]

People you should know: Philippe Pinel

  Philippe Pinel (20 April 1745 – 25 October 1826) Philippe Pinel wrote in his 1801 A treatise on Insanity  on the horrible treatment of the mentally ill in asylums “The blood of maniacs is sometimes so lavishly spilled, and with so little discernment, as to render it doubtful whether the patient or his physician has […]