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Recently I finally have gotten around to reading something that has been on my “to read” list for a long time. Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. A fascinating short story about a man who becomes a bug. However, there is something about the story that has gotten stuck in my head. The main character Gregory, and his family […]

Days of Birth

An old story that I have told many times now. I stay up late, it is my birthday, and am lost in my head. I’ve said this before, but I think it is important to say, again and again, I did not expect to live this long. I am almost thirty, I truely believed without […]

A Toast

A New Years toast to all of the outcasts and misfits. A toast to the mentally ill and the grieving. To my friends and family. It may not seem like much, another year passing, but surviving year to year is an accomplishment you should be proud of.

Still Breathing

The holidays never seem easy. Nights grow longer and colder and so does my heart. I want to sleep…I never want to wake up from my dreams. As I lay in bed, loneliness and depression fall over me like a blanket. I’ve wasted nights like this. Still, I must wake up eventually. No matter how […]

Year after year.

Last year on this date I made a toast to myself and all introverts, the depressed, to any facing anxiety, to the outcasts, misunderstood and any dealing with mental illness. The time passes again and we live another year. A new year almost begs me to look back onto the year before it. What have I […]


I can not re-post Shane Koyczan’s poetry enough. The man has a truly powerful voice and use of language that always moves me to tears.

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