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Category / Cutting

Cut and run

Tonight I ran. Mist filled the air, covering my glasses. Music filled my headphones. It was dark and solitary. I could feel the mist on my skin and the movement of my body. I was huffing and out of breath but it was completely peaceful. I could enter a space in my head without malice […]


The greatest wisdom I can give to you from my short life on this earth is to speak. As humans we must learn to communicate our feelings to others, or let them rot inside us. Those rotting feelings poison our mind and body. We try to cut out this illness with a knife, or try […]


I have cried an uncountable amount of tears in my short life. I still remember the nights alone, crying myself to sleep, almost like a nightly lullaby. My thoughts where overloaded with emotion, rational thought was gone. Tossing and turning in pain crying out at my insufferable loneliness. I cut my arms as if i […]

There is no cure.

A lovely writer in another blog wrote ‘ will not consider myself recovered, ever.” Its a statement i find to be very true. There is no cure for my anxiety  or depression. I will always be dealing with such problems. In the past i let my anxiety overwhelm me enough to lose my chance at school and a normal […]


Its hard for onlookers to know the sheer amount of emotional pain depression brings. The kind of pain that drives a girl to drink bleach, and others like me to cut themselves. It hurts, its scaring, it leaves wounds that can be reopened even years later. It can paralyze you, i spent more then one night on tear filled ball on […]

Where am I?

I spent a large amount of my life starring at walls and ceilings. Its moments like this where am lost inside my head. I leave the real world for the one inside my head. I’ve done this allot in my life, sometimes the thoughts are positive, sometimes negative. In the past, am afraid it was a lot more negative. There were days i get lost in […]

Asking for Help?

People like me often have a hard time asking for help. We reach for it, we beg for it, but we  cant ask for it. I was so accustomed to dealing with things myself. There was a feeling of shame in asking for help. I used to cut myself in a very visible spot, then wear long […]