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Changeing Gravity

Have you ever laid flat against the ground and feel as if gravity was holding you down? Sometimes I forget how much I distract myself from myself. Just a few moments alone with my thoughts is enough to send warm tears down the sides of my head. I feel somber. My mind is so very clear, but the […]

Camping with Mental Health Issues.

Growing up my parents would pack me and my two siblings up to go camping every year. It was always over a weekend and we have a family reunion in between. When I was little I really enjoyed the experience but as I grow into a moody teen I set up a PlayStation in a […]

Bullying and Self Confidence

Bullying is a topic that come up a lot in the news. Sadly its often long after the damage is done. Many people have an opinion on it, some I find are just filled with ignorance. Bullying is at it’s worst when its sustained over long periods of time. Not just a one time fight on the […]


live in a prison of my own creation. I trap myself into a small world with habits and routines. When I stick to the same schedule every day I feel safe. When I know what i’m doing tomorrow my anxiety subsides. However I suffer under my own unspoken rules. Day in and day out I […]


“However, the largest source of rage is his own cowardice. He is poor because he lacks the skill with which to earn money. He has no girlfriend because he lack charisma. But the process of seeing this truth and acknowledging his own incompetence requires quite a bit of courage. No human beings, regardless of who […]

Spiral Logic

Depression and Anxiety can often lead to spiral logic. This is when the having depression or anxiety is enough to make your depression or anxiety worse. It does not take much, just one bad moment or day. Just enough for your mind to feed on. Soon you are depressed because you are depressed, you are […]

What it means to have social anxiety

Having social anxiety means always fearing laughter was made at your expense. It means fearing making simple phone calls. It means being unable to ask questions. It means being unable to speak up for yourself. Having social anxiety means being unable to be the one that starts a conversation. It means being unable to function […]

Having social anxiety means always fearing laughter was made at your expense.

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