Dream of a Motionless Sea

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had a dream that I felt I must write down. I was on a small boat with my brother and sister beside me on a completely calm and blue ocean. It was dark and there were no moon or stars in the sky. We pulled the boat up to a tiny rock island. On the island was chained a lion. The lion was sick and malnourished. Its ribs showed through its skin and patches of hair were gone, instead was rotting flesh. The lion was in its last moments of life. I called it a Revenant, because “It is already dead, it just has not accepted it yet.” We tried to step onto the lions Island to release its chains and perhaps try to put it out of its misery but the lion pulled on his chains trying to strike and bite any that approach. As he pulled on the chains that wrapped around its neck his skin ripped like paper and fresh blood pooled around him. In the panic, we fell onto our boat and caused it to tip. I woke up as the boat started to sink into the motionless sea.

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