Days Blur

Days blur together for me. I can go a long time without really doing anything. Spending each day like a robot. Then all at once it hits me. Loneliness suffocates me. I wonder why I let things get this way, I blame myself. I lack self-confidence and lack the self-confidence to build more confidence. If I am to drown in a sea of my flaws I will keep doing my best to keep my head above the water.

2 thoughts on “Days Blur

  1. You won’t just keep your head out but you will also find the courage to get out of the entire sea because
    You’re strong and
    You’re one in a million.
    Let your light shine ,
    Embrace your awesomeness and
    Don’t let anyone dissuade you !!
    Here’s a stranger sending free hugs. Don’t forget to smile today !! xx

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