You can’t build a boundary fence on others property.

Some good advice.


By David Joel Miller

Sometimes drawing boundaries goes very wrong.

poorly set boundary Poor Boundary
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Having good boundaries is important for good mental health. Families that do not set boundaries develop long-term problems. Parents need to be parents and children need to be allowed to act like kids. People have the right to think what they think and feel the way they feel.

One important part of recovery is learning to set boundaries. Mature relationships, healthy ones, include the right to say no to things that make you uncomfortable.

Boundary setting, like so many other life skills, done well can increase your happiness. Done poorly, boundary setting, results in adding to your problems. In recovery or just plain growing up there are lots of boundaries that need setting.

Setting boundaries.

In early recovery, from whatever you call your life issues, many people find that they have not done a good…

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