Holiday Blues

Without my siblings around it has been a depression holiday. It makes me think of many who feel lost this season. It is easy to fall into gloom this time of year. A time of many traditions that make you think of the past. A past full of good times you fear are gone forever, or bad times that haunt you.

So many are dragged down by depression and the holidays can be a time pain for them. Have you ever felt like you were the only person at a party not having a good time? This is a time of year where many feel that way. “Why am I not happy?” “Why am I not smiling” “Why can’t I enjoy this?” Such thoughts run races in their heads. I have felt that way, and I still feel it at times. However this Holiday, this season is just another moment. Time moves forward again and again. In a year’s time this will just be another memory we will be looking on wondering what we did good or bad. Like the ghost in a Christmas carol, they are all chains that hold us down. No matter how impossible it seems we need to find a way to let them go.


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