Note to self


Perhaps you have seen this writing experiment before. Sometimes it’s two words, sometimes a sentience. It is no secret I carry a lot of pain for my past. It is easy to fall into thoughts of what if’s, and what would you change. What If’s are cheap. If you spend your life wondering what you could of done in the past, you will never get anything done now.

If I could write a note to myself with only two words it be. “Don’t Run” Running is easy, but sooner or later you will run into a corner with nowhere else to go. When you’re in a corner even the most extreme ways out seem like options to you. However my efforts would be futile. My younger self would ignore this advice like so much other advice because his mind simply wasn’t programmed that way. It was the time I spent between now and then that changed the way my mind worked, and no words can change the mind the way that time can.

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