Tragic Stabbing

Two twelve year old girls stabbed their friend 19 times in order to enter Slendermans world. They read such things on Creepypasta and as such the media is quick to blame it. While my heart goes out to the family, you can’t allow story’s to become a point of blame. No more than video games cause people to kill, story’s are not to blame. We grow up on tales of Bloody Mary and the Jersey Devil, sneaking peaks at Tale’s from the Crypt while our parents weren’t looking. Each generation has their own tales, and their own mediums to hear them. While am not saying such things are meant for kids, it takes more than simple observation to try and reenact them. I wont pretend I can tell anyone how to raise a child but i know something in the way mental illness can remain unseen till something tragic happens. It is part nature, and part nurture there will never be a single thing you can blame solely for such tragedy.

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