What does it mean to be a Hero? I have a fear, that fear is for someone to be hurt while i was not paying attention. For my eyes to be cast away while someone needed help. I don’t want to be that person who “Watched.” I always keep my heart and eyes open for the suffering of others. I know so many suffer in silence like I did, crying for help but afraid to ask for it.
Perhaps i read too many comic books, or watch too much anime. Perhaps this mentality will end up getting me hurt, or killed. However, i couldn’t live with myself as someone who just stood there. But knowing another is in need, suffering, needs help, while I did nothing. That seems far worse to me than death. So keep your eye’s and heart open, know that everyone around you have their own thoughts, feelings, and perhaps need just a little help. I did once, and I will give my life if it means to help another.

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