I have spent much of my life fearing change.  For things am unprepared for, things am not used too, feed my anxiety. Meeting new people, trying something new make my heart race and fear fill my head. My boss asking me to do something i have never done before is foreboding to me. It can be controlling, it often plays a part in many of my decisions.

Giving into my fears and anxiety does not make me happy. There was a time i would not leave my house, despite the lack of change, of new and fearful things, i was not happy. I always thought of solitude as a friend, but it is not. Solitude can bring me peace for a time, but just the same drown me in it. Change will happen, every face you meet, ever tick of the clock brings more and more of it. Do not fight change, grow with it. Allow yourself to grow little by little, inch by inch. You will find that you have grown into something greater and rarer then you ever felt possible.