Mental Health Stigma


I’ve been sitting on this article for a while now. I wanted to say something about it other then just a bunch of obscenitys. Taking a look at the comment section in particular shows a good deal how jaded some people can be about the issues of mental health and suicide. There are comments along the lines of “He should just find a nice dark corner to kill himself” that really sting. The mental health community and suicide awareness community have done great work, however there are still plenty out there that still fail to understand.

Am not going to lie, its things like this that make me feel like my efforts are wasted. There might always be people who don’t understand the pain. However someone sitting on that ledge of life or death should not be mocked, they are not freaks. They are your peers, your coworkers, your family and friends. In the small unlikelihood they have no one, then there will always be people like me to mourn there lose.

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