Memory always has an odd way of playing tricks on you. Talk to anyone who suffers from Mental Illness and ask about what they remember. You can learn some interesting things. It’s strange, some of my most vivid memory’s are of the bad times. So much of the rest is a blur. I can remember incidents of my social anxiety taking over so well, cemented in my mind, haunting like ghosts. Fear and sadness stick to you, but not an A on a test, or a camping trip.

On occasion i like to sit back, and search my memory’s. Try and recall things i forgot about.  In middle school, i was in the school choir. I forgot that, i barely recall a single memory of that. I came to remember this when a more clearer memory came to my mind, i went to an amusement park in middle school and got yelled at by a chaperon for wondering off. Its odd, i remember that part but forgot that the trip was for the Choir that i was a part of.

The way the mind highlights the negative only helps to feed anxiety. “It dident work that time, so why should it work this time.” Well guess what mind, i was a child then, you don’t need to hold onto that anymore.

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