Something simple is beautiful

It may not be a surprise am a comic book nerd. Comics are not normally something i talk about on a Mental Health blog, but sometimes i find a beautifully simple message over the often complex and strange story’s of comics. Comics are often well aware of the troubles of the world and sometimes you will find story’s directly trying to promote Mental Health. For example, Captain America: A little Help, was written to raise suicide awareness. A story where Captain America is unaware he even inspired a boy to seek help and not commit suicide. The story even ends with the Suicide prevention help hotline.

What really made me wish to write this post however was X-Men Legacy’s 300 issue. A stand alone story with a powerful message that made me think. The story is about a young woman who wished to join the x-men just because she did not wish to be the oddest one in the room. The girl had no powers however she scared from chemical burns that cover nearly half her face. A victim of bullying, chemicals thrown on her burning her and scaring her for life, her attacker only got six months in jail before being let out and back on the football team. In comic book style she is trapped in the mansions defense systems treating her as an intruder. The only one that can help her is a mutant named ForgetMeNot. A mutant no one ever know existed, because his powers will erase his existence from any memory, electrical or biological, the movement they take there eyes off him.

So we have a young girl who only wants to blend in, and not be the one stared at, and a man who only ever wanted to be remembered and noticed. While i wont go over the whole story, ForgetMeNot shares a bit of the life he lived and the simple truths hes learned over the time. He takes her place in the mansions trap, sharing with her very beautiful words.

“You’re ready. That’s what matters. Ready to go be you, and not give a damn about who stares or doesn’t.”

“The way the world sees you isn’t nearly as important as the way you see it. And the things you do to make it better. Big or small, kid, it all adds up. A Legacy’s worth more then the person who leaves it. You’re Beautiful. Go do something Incredible.” -ForgetMeNot

In the end she walks away, forgetting it all even happened the moment she takes her eyes off him. However she may not remember him, she does not forget his lesson, she does not remember who taught her but she did not forget.

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