He remains a conversation piece between people
Who can’t understand
Sometimes becoming drug free
Has less to do with addiction
And more to do with sanity
” -Shane Koyczan

While preparing to write about the subject of medication i found how overwhelmingly under prepared i was to write about it. The more notes i took, the more things started to sound like a bad essay for school. So instead, i will simply write whats on my mind and hope for the best. I currently take both Effxor and Seroquel for depression and anxiety, ive been on them for about ten years now with only a change in dosage.  I used to have something stronger for panic attacks but that was short lived as there was a real fear of addiction. If you want to get an idea of how complicated this topic can be, just take a look at the Wiki page for the medication i just mentioned. The chemical process of the brain are no simple things.

Fun with brain scans! As you can see, yes such mental disorders have a real effect on the brain.

First and foremost, any medication you take for you depression and similar mental illness are not a cure. There is no pill that you can take that will make all your troubles go away. Medication will help you manage the symptoms, they are not meant for much more. This tends to be a large part of confusing people who know little about mental health. Time, hard work, therapy and medication can help you lead a rather healthy life. However, no one thing will fix you. One, you are not broken. Two, life’s not so simple.

Its easy to be scared of your medication. They are powerful things that should not be taken lightly. However, never simply stop taking medication cold turkey. There are serious health effects from withdrawal that could even lead to heart failure. Talk to your doctors, plural as in more then one doctor. You should have both a Mental Health professional and some type of Family doctor working together to monitor your health and keep you healthy. If you are worried about one doctors opinion you have another to ask a second one of. If you got nothing else from what i had to write, just take to heart not to take this topic lightly.

If your seeking another opinion and options that are against such medication altogether i would suggest I would even take a look just to learn some new ways of cooping, and seeing another opinion even if you don’t agree with everything that is said.

One thought on “Medication…

  1. Thank you! This is a very helpful post. I am in the process of trying to decide if I want to try an antidepressant. I love that you point out that medications are not a “cure” and that other things are needed. Thanks for the balanced insight.

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