Lost and Alone

Feelings of loneliness often weigh the heaviest on my mind. I have trouble turning to people at such times for fear of being a burden. As such, my loneliness is a situation of my own making. Making friends has never been easy for someone who has trouble making small talk. So i wonder the internet like one would wonder the streets, aimless, perhaps looking for some purpose.

As far back as i can remember i’ve kept myself alone. It was to painful to do anything else. Escaping to my own head i only found a bully. One of the worst you will ever meet, he make my life feel worthless and suicide seem pleasant. I spent years silencing this bully, only to come out of the battle and find i still feel lonely. However, i wont let myself be bullied anymore.

7 thoughts on “Lost and Alone

  1. Hi,
    learning to love and accept yourself is always far harder than loving and accepting others; good luck with your life, I’m glad you are feeling better about yourself, all the best 🙂

  2. I have found a couple of wonderful relationships on WP, but only after I opened myself up and allowed them in. Let yourself OUT and allow yourself the experience of freedom! I also find that tapping into my sense of humor is extremely helpful to put someone else at ease in an online conversation. I see that you don’t really reply back, try it on a comment that means something to you and see if they respond. I have one comment stream with a fellow blogger, the great and mighty memoirsofadragon, that is around 73 deep! We are having the greatest fun with it. If you want to try me I LOVE commenting and I wont bite, you know….

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