Paradox and loops

“Don’t you understand? Listen carefully to what I’m saying. If you do, you’ll get it. you can grasp this easily. In short…in short, I shut myself in because I’m lonely. Because I don’t want to face any more loneliness, I shut myself away.”
― Tatsuhiko TakimotoWelcome to the N.H.K.


Anyone who has Depression and other mental illness’s understands how much of a paradox your feelings become. Am sad because am lonely, am lonely because am sad. On and on such thoughts wrap around your head, feeding on each other. Its a circle not easily broken. So what do you do? Ignore it….let such thoughts come and go. Don’t dwell on them, you will think such things often, but its in your ability to not give them power by trying to find a way out of the loop. It wont be easy, but over time you will be able to have such thoughts come and go with out a sleepless night dwelling on them.

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