What does Christmas mean to you?


Christmas means many things to many people. It is an amalgam of many different traditions and religions. It has been banned in the past, and commercialized. The Japanese celebrate it as a time for love, becoming close to a Valentine type holiday.  Some use it as a time for family, others just as a reason to get gifts, and many avoid it all together.

Am not a religious person, i’ve studied religion, i know many that live by it and found happiness in it, but am agnostic in nature. I could go into a rant about the inaccuracy of Bethlehem story when put into historical light, or the fact that scripture does not point to a date of his birth to celebrate. However i rather talk about what Christmas means to me.

I once said that winter is often a time of reflection, this has a way of making me somewhat melancholy. However looking back, i cant recall a single bad Christmas in my life. I once had a raging fever on x-mas morning, throw up all over the place and passed out for most of it, and i still recall it as a happy time. That is something my parents did for me, and my siblings. Despite all the bad times in my life, despite considering my own birthdays as bad, Christmas still brings me joy. Perhaps its because of all the hard work my parents did for us to make that one day special, or brainwashing commercializing, or the joy of giving and receiving.  It’s not about a god to me, its about a time in my life i can look back to with joy, as well as look forward to.

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