Inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe, i decided to try a bit of poetry.


He falls to the ground from great heights
Wasted potential falls with him.
So many tears falling to the ground at night.
So his only exit seems to be grim.

Forgotten names and story.
They cry for help but are ignored
They think up ends that are gory
Lives lost that we cant afford

Will we continue to deny help as they cry?
Or will we only continue to ask why?

Never been in love

I have never before been in love
Something I have never been proud of
A face to wake next to and admire
Is something I aspire

Love is often called fleeting
While many find it defeating
A world where many hearts are broken
Yet love remains a token

I look at the sky and despair
Wishing love is something I can share
Fleeting love may be
But I hope it happen to me

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