Thoughts and words bind us

From xxxHolic

Thoughts and words bind us, what we think can effect our everyday lives. Perhaps one of the hardest things living with depression and anxiety can be is your own thoughts. We lack the confidence to get out of bed in the morning. We truly believe that we are worthless because we convinced ourselves we are. Such thoughts bind us down, they become weight that makes life all the harder. Doing new things becomes scary, because our mind has convinced ourselves they are. We tie our own chains and shackles, till the weight is too much.

Words hold great power, the words of others can weigh us down just as much. They say of all your childhood memory’s the bad ones are the most easily remembered. This is most true for people like me, it becomes so bad you forget you have good memory’s. A slip of the tongue here, or a moment out of context there are all that are needed to become a powerful mark in your memory. Such words weigh as heavy as your own, chains that become hard to be free of.

Am afraid i cant help free anyone from such chains. They are heavy, i know as much. However being aware of them is a good place to start.

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