Moving Forward

I just got my learners permit to drive, no am not a teenager. I let my anxiety hold me back from doing many things over the years, driving is one of them. So i sucked up my anxiety, and sat in a waiting room full of people, and 16 year olds looking to get their permit. I might of stood out, but its hard to care anymore about that. The first trip i didn’t have by Social security card on me, pushing my anxiety to the red. However i want again, with my mothers help i had everything i needed, i pushed through the anxiety to get it done. I passed the test, despite protests from my mind.

A rock that sits still lays by the roadside, a rock that keeps moving becomes a shooting star. Perhaps that seems corny, but the truth is you have to keep moving. I’ve stopped and laid still waiting to die before, i never want to go there again. So even if its just one foot in front of the other, i have to keep moving. Tell yourself its a piece of cake, no matter how hard it is, and even if you fail, an earnest failure has meaning, you can learn from it. The longer you stop moving, the harder it will be to start again, but even the tiniest of pushes will get you started.

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