Cramped World

I live in a small world. Its a world that’s not much bigger then a room, a bus, and a workplace. This is my life, and am not sure how to expand this world. In the worst of my depression i shut down, there’s a gap in my life where i did not learn many of the social tools people use to survive. I don’t have many i call my friend, and none that i have let into my little world. I have never been in love, and know nothing of romance.

I’ve grown since my years of never leaving my house, and dropping out of High School. Am becoming more and more painfully aware of how small my world is, and it hurts. I desperately want to expand my life, but am scared. Anxiety is a part of me, and its something i likely always be dealing with, am scared to move forward. Am not even sure where i should start.

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