There is no cure.

A lovely writer in another blog wrote ‘ will not consider myself recovered, ever.” Its a statement i find to be very true. There is no cure for my anxiety  or depression. I will always be dealing with such problems. In the past i let my anxiety overwhelm me enough to lose my chance at school and a normal life. I still feel that same anxiety to this day, i’ve learned how to coup with it. Am older, wiser, smarter, i’ve learned how to work my way past my anxiety  but its still there. I havent cut myself in five years, but that does not mean i wont cut tomorrow.

No matter how old i get, ill still be that geeky, depressed, anxiety filled kid who dropped out of school. I accept that, its not easy, but i do accept it. I cant change who i am, but i can work to be better. I can always try to be better, that’s what recovery is, even if am never recovered.

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