What can you say?

Depression is such a troublesome thing to deal with, in yourself and others. How do you speak to someone who is depressed, there are a lot of myths that have it wrong. There is no curing depression with a few kind words, never work on the assumption you can fix someone or make them all better, be happy if you can cheer up there day even a little. Understanding is where many fail, there is no understanding, even one depressed person to another will never fully understand each other. We simply have too many different perspectives, just be sincere.

Living with depression is not easy, and just trying to make your life livable is life changing. Medication and therapy go a long way, but there not cures. Everyone has a different state of mind, our minds cause us joy or sadness. If you don’t live with depression, don’t take what you have for granted. I feel strong for living this long, but i trade that strength for a normal childhood or a date.  Be kind to each other, you never know whats going on in the mind of the person sitting next to you, and sometimes a small kindness will be remembered. Speak how you feel, because no matter how obvious you think it is, its likely the person your talking to has no idea. Even if your words seem like ranting, understanding comes from such words.



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