“If that type of bad God did exist, then we could go on living in good health. If we could push the responsibility for our misery onto God, then we would have that much more peace of mind, wouldn’t we?”
― Tatsuhiko TakimotoWelcome to the N.H.K.

Blame is easy, its easy to avoid understanding and blame others for your problems. In my worst times i used to wonder why i became the way i am, and blame was a tool often used. The world around me was awful, and people where mean. Blame and hate go side by side, followed by bitterness and apathy.

Ill share something very personal to me. When i was younger, i hated my older brother. I was largely jealous of him, his artistic talent and circle of friends. I felt bullied by him, so i blamed him a lot. As i got older, i learned how human my brother was, i grow to understand he was in just as much pain i was. Apathy turned to empathy, and i can say where friends now.

Its rarely one thing that creates the mental problems many of us face, i wish my social anxiety was only caused by some one evil. Then i could face it and be done with it. Blame is pointless, the situation any of us are in where never caused by such simple things that we could blame.

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