I often feel restless. My mind wont settle down, it thinks of many thoughts. Ive had this restless mind for as long as i can remember, thinking, and over-thinking ever bit of life. A blessing and a curse in many ways. 

The long restless nights have been a curse to me in many ways. However on the long winter nights, when snow fills the ground snuffing out the sounds of the world… there’s just something beautiful. The reason i watch so much anime, play so many video games, and read so many comics is because it gives something for my restless mind to focus on.

There where days in my worse mindset that i ask, if i died, how would i know the story’s will end. Its funny to me now, it tells me how engrossed i could become in a story. I always had a habit of being more interested in the darker story’s, they made me think more. 

My sleepless mind is who i am, i would never trade it. Even if its made me air headed, solitary, and at my worst paranoid, lonely and depressed. I have a world inside my head that is mine alone, it will never go away. Fear of change is something everyone recovering from some sort of mental problem suffers, but you don’t change, you grow to something better and more powerful.   

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