Asking for Help?

People like me often have a hard time asking for help. We reach for it, we beg for it, but we  cant ask for it. I was so accustomed to dealing with things myself. There was a feeling of shame in asking for help. I used to cut myself in a very visible spot, then wear long sleeves. I’ve battled to push the negative thoughts away, only to trap them in my head.

Its that self reliance that many people like me have grown accustomed to. That self reliance however breeds solitude and social anxiety.  “I need help” It become so hard to say, you start to beg to god for someone to notice and help you. Yet the shame you feel when they do notice only causes you to run away.

The simple truth of this world is that no one understands each other as much as we think we do. Your pain may feel world ending, but others will walk by not paying any mind. We need language to go further, we need words to understand. Your world is painful and it will always be painful till you let others share it, learn it, and understand it. The greatest enemy comes from within, and it can kill you if you don’t cry for help.

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