Suicide still brings up many feelings in me, I cry a little every time i read about someone going through with it. Its amazing to think of how close i was…there where days i refulse to get out of bed for fear of huring myself. Id take a cold night walk down Mcdade and slowly wonder closer and closer to the street watching the cars go by. It was around this time i started to cut myself. “I just wanted to feel something” i tell myself. I later found out that such where common words for cutters.


Looking back note: I haven’t cut myself in years, and i no longer have such suicidal thoughts. However my empathetic nature has never let me forget about suicide and i truely wish to help people who feel that way.

2 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. I love you Ry, no matter how many years go by I still consider you guys my family and I’m really inspired that you want to help others get through something most people can never get over. Keep up the good work! You’re writing will touch many lives!!

  2. Ryan, I am glad you are sharing this. It will help those who have never experienced depression/cutting/suicide and give one an outlet who have. I think it is very brave to let your life become open.
    Aunt Dona

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