What this is, and why am doing it.

Over many years of dealing with depression, suicidal thinking, cutting and anxiety i have had a lot of time to myself to think. I think so much i often have to drawn it out to sleep. A therapist i had years back suggest i keep a journal for many of such thoughts. To this day i still like to wright in it.

As i read back what ive written, i can see how much my thought process has changed over the years. I may now be healthier then ive ever been. I want to share many of the things ive written, from over the years when i was at my worst, till the long and hard thoughts i had last night. I hope over the course of my posts people will understand who i am, and why i am the way that i am.

3 thoughts on “What this is, and why am doing it.

  1. I seen your post on the facebook website, and came to check it out, I lost my Husband to suicide in 2010, I used to love writing mostly writing to him little notes to him when he was around as to how much i love him and how great he was reminding him of the laughs and good times. writing was always a therapy for me and sometime too remember… seeing this and having that understanding, gives me that hope for other people who suffer both in the condition and those who have lost… My husband and I shared Two children together. I wish you all the best in life, and am certainly glad that you have found something for yourself.

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